Bio of Hal Sloane, 1924-2010
Born in Sioux City, Iowa in 1924, Hal Sloane graduated from high school at the onset of World War II. He started his studies at UCLA and shortly entered the armed services where he became a Lieutenant in the Army Air Corps assigned to the 8th Air Force as a Navigator on a B-17, based in England and flying missions over Europe. After the war he resumed his studies at Columbia University, New York.

Since then, his episodic life and travels as a photo-journalist, exposition producer, publicist, publisher, production stage manager and musical event promoter have taken him to Europe, North and East Africa, the Middle East, Japan and Korea. For 10 years he held the position of Executive Producer of Teen Age Fair, Inc., the 'inventors' of the youth exposition concept and the creators of the "Miss Teen International" pageant on ABC-TV. He supervised these annual 10-day events in 12 U.S. cities as well as in Canada, Europe and Japan. Later, as president of Gandalf International, he mounted one of the world's largest rock festivals since Woodstock in the foothills of Mt. Fuji in Japan. He spent two years in Japan, forming his own promotion agency, Sloane Associates, producing events and touring U.S. performers.

Since returning from Japan he has operated a public relations firm, supervised the production of Broadway Musicals at the Claridge Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, and for the past 30 years has served as Vice President/Media Director for Blazer Communications Media Group.

Concurrent with his checkerboarded careers has been his continuing interest in photography. He has been commissioned by the national tourist bureaus of Germany, Turkey and Israel and has returned from these places with compelling images of people and places that invite your attention. His photographs have appeared in countless publications including the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Daily News, National Jewish News, Palm Springs Life and several tourist guidebooks.

His eclectic body of work echoes such photographic icons as Annie Liebowitz and Cartier-Bresson, and provides a fascinating pictorial chronicle of the last half of the 20th Century. In Hollywood, his reputation for "off-guard" photos of celebrities and heads of state earned for him an official reserved spot at the Academy Awards.

A semi-autobiographical retrospective of his photography entitled "Mostly Off-Guard!" is now available direct from the publisher, along with a limited edition of archival prints of selected images from the book.

Sloane also manages his own company, Hall/Sloane Publishing, although this is the first time he has published his own work. During his term as president of Temple of the Arts in Beverly Hills, California, he supervised the publication of two landmark prayerbooks combining meditations with works by Picasso, Matisse, Chagall and other great artists.

His work also reflects a long history of social activism, with his coverage and personal participation in such historic events as the confrontation with the Neo-Nazis in Skokie, Illinois (1978), the march against Nationalism and anti-Semitism in Berlin (1991), the rescue of Ethiopian Jews from refugee camps in Sudan (1985), and a mission to the island of Jerba, Tunisia (1985).


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