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Palm Springs' Holiday Season in Review

It’s always the season to be jolly...
By Jorie Parr. Photos by Gordon Parr

Mostly Off-Guard

It’s not quite all parties hereabouts.
One of our most beloved photographers, Hal Sloane, had his night on stage at UCR Palm Desert.
The news peg was his just-published book, “Mostly Off-Guard!” which is how he likes to shoot people.

Hal Sloane caught off guard.

A sizable crowd gathered to honor him. Including Kaye Ballard, who was favoring a sore knee.
But, one said, you’re appearing in the Palm Springs Follies! “Well, I don’t have to dance.”

One of the most poignant stories Sloane told was about when he was in the air force in the last days of World War II.
Flying a food drop - Operation Chow Hound - low over Amsterdam he could see the fearful German garrison.
“But they were saluting us! They were hungry, too.”

Last year Hal encountered Paul (“Black Book”) Verhoeven at the PS International Film Festival.
The director, just a small boy in Operation Chowhound days, well remembered the event.
“We had sausages, we had cheese!”

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